Global Zeitgeist Day events as at January 31st, 2010. Image:

“The Scientific Method applied to society, is something people don’t think about…”

It can safely be said that there is an increase in people beginning to think about just that, it seems that as society becomes more aware of global problems we are beginning to question our values and look to new solutions.

We should be nothing but excited to see growth in this very direction. Do we continue to try and solve global economic and environmental problems (which, as Ban Ki-moon has noted, demand ‘global solutions’) using a system that is the fundamental cause?

Or, do we look to a new solution, namely the scientific method, which isn’t really new but has a track record for success?

As Zeitgeist Day, on March 13th this year, nears how will you decide to think about the world’s dominant and all too often worsening problems?

“Zeitgeist Day,” or ZDAY for short, is an annual, global event day which occurs in the middle of March, each year. The goal is to increase public awareness of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project.

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