Lake Chad, AfricaThe president of Nigeria, interestingly named Goodluck Jonathan, has issued a warning that the country’s main water source, Lake Chad, may dry up within the next few years, leaving some 20 million people waterless. Such dire predictions should be alarming to one and all, as the water situation globally is bleak, and Nigeria is just one possible front where we may see millions degenerate into water wars on a scale never before seen.

One look at the documentary “Flow” should push the alarm buttons in all sensate individuals. The bottom line is that we are running out of clean water globally, and the powers that be will be making us pay for whatever water they can get their hands on. As the global population increases and the water situation worsens, we will undoubtedly see outbreaks of violence all over the world – the water wars are just beginning.

Hold on for the bumpy ride.


Lake Chad may be going into extinction, says Jonathan