Not very cheery, I’m afraid.  And here we are marching along as if nothing is happening… Indeed, we are distracting ourselves with all manner of relative frivolity.

“…overfishing of our oceans and depleting fish stocks to dangerous low levels; …toxins, emissions and pollution…making the hole in the ozone layer bigger and causing more harmful sunrays to penetrate…thus warming the oceans, melting the ice, and threatening animal’s environments; …rainforest being bulldozed…to create grazing land for cattle and commercial development, thus destroying natural environmental structure and animals habitats…animal species going extinct, and more.”

And here’s a little addendum video for the later-comers, all about the global water crisis…

Nothing to see here, just a conspiracy by the NWO.

The Disappearing Male

Environmental chemicals are making males become infertile, develop smaller genitalia and decrease in numbers.