I initially found this video very amusing, because it appeared to be mocking Islamic misogyny. In reality, it’s supposed to be a protest of the new French law banning the “burkha,” which in this case is actually the niqab. Such behavior may have the opposite effect of what it is intended to do, however. Indeed, it may encourage the horrendously oppressed Saudi women, for example, to bare more, as they are already doing online for example.

Outside the Ministry of Immigration and National Identity, the girls meet up with with two police officers, a male and a female.

The male policeman says: “You can’t stay here.”

NiqaBitch: “Why, is it forbidden?”

Male cop: “No, er, but don’t stay here – that’s preferable.”

Female cop: “I love your outfit. Is that against the law?”

NiqaBitch: “Yes, we are dramatising the situation.”

Female cop: “That’s great – can I take your picture?”

As we can see from the sad and desperate ladies in the following video, making light of women being oppressed is really not a laughing matter. Nor is it particularly intelligent to protest a law designed to protect women from this misogynistic oppression. If “NiqaBitch” were a joke ridiculing the Islamist oppression of women, it would be a far more impressive act of protest. And a funny one, as I had initially envisioned it. But such forced gender apartheid is simply demented, and encouraging it isn’t much better.