The Florida investigators in the case of the Sri Lankan teen who ran away from her Muslim family after converting to Christianity has concluded that she is in no real danger.

The back and forth in this case has been grueling, but it has served at least to highlight the issue of capital punishment for apostasy from Islam.


One French journalist made a strong effort to educate the Floridian authorities and media by chronicling the efforts in France to protect Muslim females from being killed, not for the “crime” of leaving the faith, per se, but for other “sins” that require them to be dishonorably murdered. So-called honor killing is now a huge problem in France, so much so that there are entire agencies set up to protect these women and girls. Alas, this Islamist societal burden is happening in the U.S. as well.


Death Sentence for a Muslim Girl

Apostasy (Riddah) in Islam is a major ‘sin’ and numerous Islamic references call for the mandatory death of the person involved (regardless of where the crime/sin is committed). This Muslim child is in serious danger of losing her life for leaving Islam and bringing dishonor to her father and other relatives. It is imperative authorities begin taking the ‘word’ of Islamic scholars and Imams when they advocate killing innocent people for leaving and dishonoring Islam.