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The well-funded jihad is relentless.  And why not?  The idiots from the West have given trillion$ in oil money to members of one of the two most aggressive proselytizing cults on the planet.

Now the Senegalese government has offered to take in Haitian immigrants, which sounds like a very nice offer, except when you consider the fact that Senegal is 96% Islamic. What that fact would likely mean, of course, is that anyone entering Senegal would be heavily proselytized if not forced outright to convert. Will these converts return to Haiti, Islamized and with Muslim children in tow, etc.?

Moreover, what steps are being implemented in Haiti to ensure that it comes into line with the global Islamic sharia banking/financing plan? As we know, along with sharia banking comes the rest of sharia law, as well as Islam itself.

Islam’s Haitian Effort: ‘Pure Recruitment’

The country has been warned of fraudulent online websites, embarrassed by the comments offered by aging televangelist Pat Robertson, and cautiously concerned that our own government might not want to “waist a good tragedy” for political gain.

Today there should be (there won’t be due to political correctness) a growing concern with the offer from the government of Senegal; the regime in the Capitol of Dakar has openly offered Haitian Refugees “free land” throughout the West-African nation.

Senegal has a democratic political culture and has been named as one of the more successful post-colonial transitions in Africa. The concerns for the future; local administrators are appointed by, and responsible to, the president – who is controlled by Islam….

Meanwhile, we are not seeing the economic and other vitally important humanitarian assistance for Haiti coming out of the Muslim world in the same way we do from elsewhere, as illustrated in the following article.

Did Haiti’s earthquake damage extremist Islam’s foundation?

Haiti has nothing to offer to the Western world. No natural resources. No oil. Haiti is no threat to the Westerm world. It does not even have an army. There is no need for the Western world to support, or assist, Haiti. The Western world has nothing to gain by assisting Haiti. And the Western world has no Haitian threat is has to be fearful of.

However, news agencies were quick to report on those countries, NGO’s and aid agencies that have responded to pleas of assistance….

The United States has pledged and intial $100 million in aid, and Barack Obama has promised more. 800 American paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division were deployed from North Carolina. 2000 marines will be joining them….

America is also sending a naval hospital ship, the USNS Comfort. It is best described as a ‘floating hospital’. It has a trauma facility that can treat 1000 patients at a time.

Britain has sent a team to Haiti that will assist with rescue and relief efforts. Gordon Brown has appealed to the Brtish public to donate money to the relief effort.

Israel was one of the first countries to respond, with assistance in search and rescue as well as field hospitals. An Israeli military official, Gidi Shenar, said “We have been in several places in the world. We are bringing our knowledge and we are coming to assist the people over there and save lives. As fast as we can, we will be over there.”

This kind of assistance, from the West, is not unique. And it’s not limited to predominantly ‘Christian countries’, like Haiti.

For example, following an earthquake in Iran, in June 2002, America sent aid and supplies to Iran. President Bush stated “Human suffering knows no political boundaries”. Following a December 2003 earthquake in Iran, the USA, Russia, Britain, Germany and Spain all offered help.

Israel has sent teams to assist in rescue and aid efforts following, for example, the August 1999 earthquake in Turkey, the January 2001 earthquake in India, the June 2006 earthquake in Indonesia, the December 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Here is a list of countries that were reported, in the ‘West’ and the ‘East’, as first to respond to Haiti’s calls for assistance:

United States, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, the European Union, Britain, Germany, Israel, France, Switzerland, South Korea and Canada.

There has been amazing support being sent to Haiti from the Muslim and Arab world as well as Muslim and Arab charities. South Africa based Gift of the Givers is just one example of a charity that responded within hours of the news breaking. Turkey is sending a mobile hospital and humanitarian aid to Haiti.

However, there is something that stands out, for me, from the list of countries that were first to respond to Haiti’s humanitarian crisis.

And, whether the humanitarian crisis is in Haiti, Sudan, Somalia, Iran or Zimbabwe… the lists of those countries who are first to offer (and indeed provide) assistance, are almost always made up entirely of Infidels

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