While many people globally are ranting and raging about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, few people seem concerned about the Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet, with its bloody massacres and cultural destruction. Compared to the Palestinian culture, the Tibetans are a relatively peaceful and gentle people, and we hardly hear a peep out of them about what has been done to their culture and country. That lack of rabblerousing seems to be the main reason no one appears to care about the Tibetans and the invasion,  occupation and genocide by the Chinese.

Tibetans are not rioting in the streets of other countries, as are Palestinians. They are not attacking Chinese and beating or killing them. They are not lobbing bombs at China with the intent of destroying it, as are Palestinian leaders with Israel. To my knowledge, the Tibetans are not teaching their children that the Chinese are “apes and pigs” worthy of death and annihilation, as many Palestinians do with their children about Jews. The Tibetan culture is not one of constant violence, with terrorists smuggling weapons across international borders using foreign aid money, as is being done in Palestine. Nor are the Tibetans using women and children as shields to hide behind after they commit violent acts against China, as Palestinians are doing.

As a whole, the Tibetans are a far more worthy cause to be spending one’s time and energy on. The fact that they are ignored and the Palestinians are obsessed upon reflects the unfortunate “sheeple” mentality, which follows whatever media cause is being trumpeted the loudest and by the most aggressive and/or violent individuals.

Free Tibet

The Chinese government has killed 1.2 million innocent Tibetan people since 1949 invasion of Tibet. It hasn’t ended yet.


(Note that I am well aware of the criticisms of Tibetan culture by Penn & Teller and the anti-Tibetan movement. These criticisms should be confined to Tibetan religious and political leaders, not to the gentle and peaceful Tibetan people. Does the anti-Tibetan brigade go around posting criticisms of the Palestinian leadership as well? Or are they hypocritically singling out and generalizing all Tibetans while rabblerousing on behalf of all Palestinians? If we can dismiss Tibetan suffering because of corruption and repulsive aspects of Tibetan culture, then why can we not do likewise with Palestinian culture, with its rabid Jew hatred, abject misogyny and men gleefully justifying “honor killing” female family members?)

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