Because of Christian doctrine, many people are afraid of Lucifer, but “he” is a simple mythical motif based on the planet Venus, not a “fallen angel” or the Devil. The story of his “falling” is part of Venus mythology as well, an astrotheological motif.

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As I state in Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ, the pertinent biblical verses at Isaiah 14:12-14 that discuss ascending into heaven purport to represent the bragging of the character “Heylel,” translated as Lucifer, the “Light-Bearer.” Per Strong’s (H1966), however, Heylel or Helel could also refer either to a king of Babylon or to the “morning star,” i.e., the planet Venus. In fact, one of Venus’s epithets in Greek was “Phosphoros,” or “Light bearer.” The RSV translates the term “Helel” at Isaiah 14:12 as, “O Day Star, son of Dawn!” In the Septuagint (3rd-1st cent. BCE), the word “Helel” is rendered as “(H)eosphoros,” which just happens to be the name of a very old Greek god/titan who served as one aspect of the planet Venus. This god Eosphoros is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad (23:226) and in Hesiod’s Theogony (378), dating to the 9th and 8th centuries BCE, respectively.

Lucifer, an aspect of the planet Venus

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