Ken Humphreys is one of my favorite fellow mythicists. Unlike some of the others who are very rude, misogynistic, conceited and shallow-thinking, Ken is cordial, social and courageously follows where the evidence leads and is not afraid of presenting it boldly.

When I read or hear the remarks of several other prominent skeptics and mythicists, I often cringe, as they clearly are not very intelligent, well educated or visionary. With Ken, I feel a kindred spirit, however, as he dares to forge his own path without rancor or fear of what rabid credentialists have to say.

Of course, Ken is not the target of venom and vitriol from these individuals as much as I am, even though we propound many of the same or similar ideas. That fact alone makes me consider that these critics’ “anti-Acharya” biases and bigotry have more to do with sexism and misogyny than with the facts I work so hard to bring to light.

In any event, Ken’s information is always welcome and illuminating!

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