haiti earthquake (AFP/Lisandro Suero)

Haitian presidential palace (AFP/Lisandro Suero)

As I was reading about the appalling destruction of life and limb on the tiny half-island nation of Haiti, along with the fact that it is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, I was struck by the thoughts of “poor Haiti” and “that’s not intelligent design – that’s cruelty!”  So, if there’s an intelligent designer named, say, “God,” and he’s omnipotently in charge of everything, why does such atrocious horror as what has just happened to Haiti occur in the first place?  What does God have against Haiti?

Why is Haiti so poor?  Why are her citizens destined to live in squalor, and why should the weakest among us be beaten down even further? What kind of good God behaves in this manner, either to cause or to allow this sort of sustained nightmare beleaguer an entire people?

Enough of the cruel, brutal and uncaring – it is time for a more enlightened perception of reality to find its way through the cracks in the loony bin walls.

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