What do Muslims pray for five times a day? Some of the praying sounds “reasonable,” unless you are an atheist, but for the most part, Muslims are petitioning the Arab tribal god Allah not to make infidels of them. In other words, every day Muslims are engaged in infidelophobic behaviors, designed to be divisive and to inculcate hatred for non-Muslims.

The main Muslim daily prayers constantly reinforce this impression of believer versus infidel, so even “moderates” who pray every day are being imbued with this divisiveness.

For example, here is one of the five prayers per day:

“All praise is due to Allah, the Sovereign Lord of all the universes. The Most Affectionate, the Most Merciful. The Owner of the Day of Retribution. O’ Allah! You alone do we worship and You alone do we beseech for help. Guide us to the straight path. The path of those whom You have Favoured. Not of those who earned Your wrath and nor of those who went astray.”

Those who are going astray, of course, are non-Muslims. Those who pray to the tribal god Allah as prescribed within Islam are on the “straight path” and those who do not abide by Islam are deserving of Allah’s wrath.

In this next prayer, Muslims are inculcated daily with disdain for Christianity and, by extension, Christians:

“Say, He is Allah, the One. Allah is All Independent. Neither He begot anyone nor He was begotten. And none is equal to Him in any way.”

The “begotten,” of course, refers to Jesus as the Son of God and God Himself.

And again, in this next prayer, only Allah, Mohammed and Muslims are virtuous:

“O’ Allah! You alone deserve all veneration, worship and glory. O’Prophet! Peace be on you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings. Peace be upon us and on virtuous servants of Allah. I bear witness that none is worthy of worship save Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His chosen servant and His Messenger.”

And for the infidelophobic coup de grace, Muslims are required to recite the following, daily:

“O’ Allah! You alone do we worship and for You do we pray and prostrate and we betake to please You and present ourselves for the service in Your cause and we hope for Your mercy and fear Your chastisement. Undoubtedly, Your torment is going to overtake infidels.”

All of this constant enforcement of disdain for anything non-Muslim, every day, day in and day out, most assuredly has the effect of creating division and hatred. Muslims are also encouraged to spread their religion, by force if necessary. Hence, we find “Muslim patrols” of infidelophobic thugs in the streets doing just that.


So, we’re not allowed to have topless women (FEMEN) in public, but we are subjected against our wills to the asses of men exposed en masse.

Even the prayer posture reeks of primitivity. Are you aware of what Muslims are praying for every day? They pray not to be infidels. In other words, their “prayers” are basically divisive hate speech against nonbelievers.

Surprised? And how, exactly, can one be a “moderate” yet devout Muslim, if to be the latter one must be an infidelophobic, bigoted extremist?