A Christian group in the UK was asked to remove adverts for their upcoming “green” meeting–the organizing of green gatherings within the Christian movement is in itself big news–because the signs mentioned Christians and God.
While I am all for making sure church and state remain perfectly separate, based on past abuses, I certainly hope that the same ardor is being applied to gatherings by Muslim groups. I have a feeling, however, that the city council would be much more timid to strike down Allah than they are about the Christian god.
Christians told to take down green campaign posters that mention God

Camden Council, in north London, has refused to allow a parish group holding a weekend of events on climate change, to display their posters in libraries or social centres – unless they remove words such as “God” and “Christian” from the text.

A spokesman for the council said: “We are very happy to help promote community events that are open to everyone on our notice boards. However we are not able to accept posters that promote particular religious beliefs or political points of view.”
Posters for the St Francis weekend, organised by Our Lady Help of Christians in Kentish Town, simply advertised the meeting on Oct 2 as “Climate Change is a Christian Issue”.
Other talks advertised on the posters were from a group called the Christian Ecology Link and as well as a Pet Blessing service, with choral works by a children’s choir from a local primary school.
Margaret Harvey, a local parishioner, said: “A government spin doctor once said: ‘we don’t do God’. This sounds like: ‘we don’t do God in Camden.”