hillary clinton free speech resolutionPreviously I had blogged about the joint U.S.-Egypt resolution that, while it “deplored” attacks on religion, nevertheless upheld free speech, as opposed to the Islamic countries that were trying to ban free speech through “defamation of religions” resolutions at the U.N. While I believed this resolution to be good news, many sites critical of Islam claimed it was in reality a blow to free speech.

Which leaves me and many others no doubt confused when news items claim the following, although, obviously I certainly support the notion.  It should be noted that to “defame” a religion is absolutely irrelevant, as a religion does not have feelings, while human beings do.  Frankly, these fanatical monotheistic religions full of cruelty, brutality and violence defame me and all sensate creatures.

US criticizes Islamic nations’ attempts to bar defamation of religion

The United States on Monday came out strongly against efforts by Islamic nations to bar the defamation of religions, saying the moves would restrict free speech.

“Some claim that the best way to protect the freedom of religion is to implement so-called anti-defamation policies that would restrict freedom of expression and the freedom of religion,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters. “I strongly disagree.”

Clinton, who was rolling out the State Department’s annual report on international religious freedom, said the United States was opposed to negative depictions of specific faiths and would always fight against belief-based discrimination. But she said a person’s ability to practice their religion was entirely unrelated to another person’s right to free speech.