Of course, the authorities are finally coming out and admitting what many of us have known for years and decades: Fluoride is toxic, and it should not be used wantonly and added haphazardly to our water.

Cigarettes, lead, mercury, many pharmaceutical drugs, now fluoride – all of these were denied as health hazards by governmental “authorities” and “experts” for decades before it was finally admitted they are not good for humans. What’s next?

Teeth are bones, so if fluoride is toxic to your teeth, causing a condition called “fluorosis,” you can be sure it is not having a beneficial effect on the rest of your bones either.

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Notice this video from a couple of years ago, in which a government “authority” extols the benefits of fluoride. Now contrast that claim with today’s news, which, again, is finally catching up to what many of us have known for decades. Notice also that European countries have been banning fluoride for years now.