Let me state clearly what many seem to be afraid to say: The incredibly oppressive, heinous Islamic veil is a form of brainwashing and conditioning that affects a certain portion of women who are more comfortable with it than without. Making these women show their faces is akin (to them) to many of the rest of womanhood going topless. These women are taught – and they are very suggestible and susceptible to the brainwashing/conditioning that nearly every part of them is as sexual as what we perceive the sex organs or errogenous areas to be.

“We won’t be able to leave the house,” said Oumeima Naceri, a 19-year-old convert draped in black garments, including a filmy “sitar” veil covering even her eyes. “That frightens us enormously … It’s like asking us to go naked.”

France moves closer to banning full Muslim veil