Since anti-woman sexism is an integral part of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, the only way these women are going to succeed is if they stop following Ultra-Orthodox Judaism and stop producing children who do likewise. Otherwise, they’re stuck with the Abrahamic misogyny. Fortunately, this group of fervent misogynists is tiny; unfortunately, many of them have beaucoup bucks, which means they can and do influence policies well beyond their demographics.

As a temp, I once worked briefly for a massive company called “Olympia and York,” which was responsible for constructing many skyscrapers and other buildings in NYC and Toronto, among others. The owners of the company are Ultra-Orthodox Jews or Haredi who were extremely wealthy. I was the receptionist at their HQ in NYC for a few days. I had to wear not only a dress that was below my knees but also to make sure that my elbows were covered. Apparently, a woman’s elbows are just so very sexy. I don’t think they made me cover my hair, but I was just a goy, so they cut me some slack.

I also once worked as a receptionist for Sutton Place Synagogue in New York. The old, chain-smoking women there were horrendous and basically chased me out after a few hours – the same they had done with the previous receptionists. The rabbi’s wife was very nice and couldn’t understand why I was leaving. She asked me to stay, because I said, “Shalom, Sutton Place Synagogue” so well. ūüôā

I had many experiences with Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews in NYC and Los Angeles. These latter are especially xenophobic and consider non-Jews to be inferior.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women continue protests against segregation in Jerusalem

The women sit in the front instead of the back as they are supposed to here. Some followers of ultra-Orthodox Judaism believe men and women should be separated in public, although it is illegal under Israeli law.¬† Women who challenge segregation have been insulted and spat upon….

In certain neighborhoods, advertisements showing women have been vandalized.¬† Women are encouraged to walk on the other side of the street from men, and recently, an 11-year-old schoolgirl complained on television of being harassed.¬† Critics say some rabbis condone these activities….

To base one’s worldview on genitalia is a mark of unconsciousness and unenlightenment. Is forcing women into such subservience and enslavement the only way these men can get mates?