Sacked British teacher Nicholas Kafouris (Photo: Robin Bell)

A Greek Cypriot public school teacher in Great Britain was fired from his job, allegedly because he made some comments about a Muslim girl’s headscarf and the superiority of Christianity over Islam. The teacher himself, however, denies the allegation and claims that he was sacked because he wouldn’t “put up with the ‘racist’ and anti-Semitic’ behaviour of his pupils.”

Apparently, this morass of appeasing Muslim hate speech is the marvelous result of the great British experiment in tolerating all aspects of “multiculturalism.” Rather than following Great Britain and Europe down the road of becoming Islamized under sharia law, Americans – also a multicultural society – must uphold their laws and Constitution, and not accept all manner of sociopathology simply because “God” or “Allah” is invoked.

…Mr Kafouris, a Greek Cypriot, taught for 12 years at Bigland Green Primary School in Tower Hamlets, East London.

He claims he was forced to leave his £30,000-a-year job because he would not put up with the ‘racist’ and anti-Semitic’ behaviour of his pupils.The predominantly Muslim youngsters, some as young as eight, openly praised Islamic extremists in class and described the September 11 terrorists as ‘heroes and martyrs’.

One pupil said: ‘Don’t touch me, you’re a Christian’ when he brushed against him.

Others said: ‘We want to be Islamic bombers when we grow up’, and ‘The Christians and Jews are our enemies – you too because you’re a Christian’.

According to Ofsted ‘almost all’ the school’s 465 pupils are from ethnic minorities and a vast proportion do not speak English as a first language.

Mr Kafouris claims racial discrimination by the school, its headmistress and her assistant head after they failed to take action about the pupils’ comments.

He said there was a change in attitude of the pupils after the atrocities of September 11, 2001.

They told him: ‘We hate the Christians’ and ‘We hate the Jews’, despite his attempts to stop them.

He said he filled out a Racist Incident Reporting Sheet but claimed headmistress Jill Hankey dismissed his concerns...