crucifix emaciated tortured grotesque uglyOh, but having an emaciated dead Jewish guy on your wall who has been tortured and nailed to a cross – that’s a great image for your children to see!

Paganist protests as health visitor tells her to move items

A follower of paganism claims a health visitor told her she should put her religious items away because of the effect they could be having on her son.

Jemma Hawkins, 29, receives regular visits from a mental health home treatment team because of her bi-polar disorder.

But on one of these visits, Mrs Hawkins says the health visitor told her she should remove pagan images and accessories from her living room because of her concerns for her 10-year-old son David…

‘I was really angry because Wicca is a recognised religion.

‘You wouldn’t go into a Muslim’s home and ask them to take down their religious items would you?’

This last point is a doozy – imagine this healthcare worker telling a Muslim to do that!  The “peaceful religion” and all that jazz…