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Tony Blair as Hitler (Ad for Britain’s Lib-Dem party and Labour MP)

I didn’t agree with the Iraq war over oil – not only has it killed many thousands of people and destroyed much of that ancient country but it has also left the Iraqis more vulnerable to fundamentalist Islamic enslavement than before. Whereas Saddam suppressed this fanaticism, we now have Shiites parading through the streets after cutting their heads and those of their children and babies during  the religious holiday of Ashura.  It was said that Iraq under Saddam’s secular government was the best country in the region for women’s rights; meanwhile, Iraqi women are now being attacked, raped and murdered over not complying with strict Islamic law. Then there’s all the trauma caused by the many refugees flooding into Europe, where there’s now evidently a crime wave caused by displaced Iraqi “mafia” bosses.

Nevertheless, this news is scary!  Muslim fanatics are so powerful in England that they may actually be able to have former prime minister Tony Blair tried for crimes against humanity?!  Is this the goal for the entire world – arrest all leaders who have been deemed “enemies of Islam?”  There will be no resistance after that – we will all be enslaved under Islamic domination.

Unrepentant, unforgiven, Blair says: ‘I’d do it again’

Tony Blair was branded a murderer and liar last night after he ended his historic appearance before the Iraq inquiry with a blank refusal to voice regrets over toppling Saddam Hussein.

After six hours in which the Chilcot inquiry team had largely failed to breach his defences, the former Prime Minister brought trouble on himself by failing to show the contrition that his critics wanted.

Mr Blair, who gave a fluent, assured performance, refused to apologise for going to war, said that he would do the same again, and then warned that today’s leaders might have to take similar action to disarm Iran…

It’s Official – Tony Blair A Murderer And A Liar – England Surrendering To Islam

It’s official.  Tony Blair…former Prime Minister of the once-great nation of the United Kingdom, has been branded a liar and a murderer by current Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Chilcot Inquiry, and by a British national press that has lost its collective senses.  The leftist British government’s fear of Muslim mass violence as retaliation for resisting England’s ongoing Islamization is now greater than the fear of incremental surrender to the Forces of Islam, and what that surrender will eventually bring to the English people – Sharia….