bible trashSeriously, the Bible has caused more horror and trauma on this planet than practically any other text in history. The Koran/Quran, obviously, comes in a close second – although it’s right up there neck and neck as concerns body count, some 250 million allegedly murdered in the name of Christianity (if you count both World Wars as “Christian” aggressions), while some 270 million are claimed to have been killed in the name of Islam. As concerns looking at the Bible as some sort of “moral guide” from the very finger of God, it’s time to toss the whole shebang into the circular file, the trash heap, the dustbin of history.

The Bible is little more than one culture’s propaganda. It is not the “Word of God” – that’s the propaganda.  The Bible is a collection of mummified myths, fabulous fairytales and hideous horror stories, with a bit of history mixed in to give it legitimacy.  Even this biblical “history” is so slanted that, on the few instances where it has been confirmed by external sources, these sources take the opposite perspective of the Israelite claims.

To illustrate the true value of the Bible, many years ago I was teasing an Israeli acquaintance, Uri, about the lack of culture in ancient Israel.

“But Uri,” I said, “The ancient Jews had no real art, no grand architecture, no armies, navies – nada!”

“Aha!” answered he, “But we got the Book!”

The fact is that other than serving as a valuable cultural artifact on its face, the Bible is virtually useless in today’s modern society as concerns numerous subjects, including technology, science, medicine and, yes, philosophy and spirituality. Modern society is far ahead of the Stone Age technology and mentality found in the Bible. Trying to live by such an outdated and specious text is only making humanity deranged.

As the great freethinker Robert Ingersoll said:

“If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament he would be a criminal. If he would strictly follow the teachings of the New, he would be insane.”

The bottom line is that we need no such old scriptures to lead our lives righteously.  We can use our innate decency, morality, intelligence and humanity.  We can produce new “scriptures” that are not culturally bigoted, displaying their writers as “chosen people” above all others, or sexist, ranting on and on about a male god and his son, while women are continually denigrated purely because of their gender.

As an example of how useless such “moral” writings can be, Bangladeshi natives thought so little of their “holy scriptures” that when a cow ate the banana leaves they were written on, nobody paid much attention.

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