For the next couple of days, my friend Miguel Conner is doing a re-broadcast of his radio program with the fabulous Barbara G. Walker, author of the amazing book Man Made God among other literary achievements.

To listen, go to the following URL:

There you can click on the second highlighted link in the box, entitled, “The Return of the Goddess with Barbara Walker.” Here is Miguel’s writeup:

Our rebroadcast is The Fall & Rise of the Goddess. For thousands of  years, the Patriarchal Gods and their minions have ruled most civilizations, either with an iron first or a subconscious lullaby. It has given the world ages of constant warfare, suppression of minorities and iron-fist dogmas. Yet the Information Age has not only given rise to humanism, it has also renewed the reverence for the seemingly-lost Divine Female Principle through the blossoming interest in Neo-Paganism, Kabbalah, Marian Catholicism, Gnosticism and other esoteric traditions. We explore how the once-balanced Divine lost half of its aspect and how it can fully regain it despite a time when the old Patriarchal systems fight even harder to keep their solar dominance. Our guest was Barbara Walker, author of Man Made God, The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets‘ and Restoring the Goddess.

Listen to this program with one of America’s great freethinkers, who is also the author of the famous Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. Over the decades, Barbara’s work has been taught in a number of universities and colleges. It was my honor and privilege to edit and publish her wonderful essays in Man Made God.

To read more about MMG, see this link:

In my opinion, few authors in the English-speaking world have such a clear and unbiased view of religious history.