Here is my video on the Mythicist Position or Mythicism. Freethinkaluva and Vega (Allan Jones) helped me put this together, so many thanks to them!

“Well done!”

“Acharya’s video ‘The Mythicist Position | What is Mythicism?’ helps introduce the mythicist position to the masses, and for that I’m thankful. We can already see from online rebuttals and discussion that such efforts are reaching their goal. Well done! Nevertheless, we remain in an early stage of this major paradigm shift, where Jesus mythicism continues to be ignored (with increasing difficulty) by mainstream academia and by the greater public. Hopefully, with efforts such as Acharya’s, this viewpoint will be more widely acknowledged and the words ‘mythicist’ and ‘mythicism’ will soon appear in the Oxford English Dictionary. We may also hope for the day when they will appear in textbooks used by New Testament professors.”

-Rene Salm, author of The Myth of Nazareth