There is an article being spread far and wide around the internet called “The Lies of Islamophobia” by someone named John Feffer. The article is full of falsehoods, half-truths and misapprehensions, basically accusing the West of bringing on Islamic terrorism (“blowback”) and insinuating that those who are concerned with Koranically induced violence are not only “irrational” (as in “phobia”) but also damaged from childhood. This article consists of anti-West propaganda that has already been refuted in a scholarly manner on countless occasions.

It’s amazing that anyone with an ounce of integrity could possibly defend for one minute a violent, male-dominated cult that is responsible for the brutal murders of some 270 million people worldwide, including some 80 million Indians in their own lands. These slaughtered INDIANS were not WESTERNERS and have nothing whatsoever to do with Christian Crusades. They were murdered so that Muslim conquerors/jihadis could steal their land, women and other booty. These conquests were justified by the Koran, hadiths and Islamic history.

The words and deeds of Islamists themselves over the past 1,400 years immediately expose “The Lies of Islamophiles” such as Feffer and his ilk. And Islamic acts of violence – which are often directed against OTHER MUSLIMS – continue to demonstrate quite abundantly right in front of our eyes what Islam has been about since its inception.

The Lies of Islamophobia

The Muslims were bloodthirsty and treacherous. They conducted a sneak attack against the French army and slaughtered every single soldier, 20,000 in all. More than 1,000 years ago, in the mountain passes of Spain, the Muslim horde cut down the finest soldiers in Charlemagne’s command, including his brave nephew Roland. Then, according to the famous poem that immortalized the tragedy, Charlemagne exacted his revenge by routing the entire Muslim army….

Islamophobia is…an irrational fear of Islam. Yes, certain Muslim fundamentalists have been responsible for terrorist attacks, certain fantasists about a “global caliphate” continue to plot attacks on perceived enemies, and certain groups like Afghanistan’s Taliban and Somalia’s al-Shabaab practice medieval versions of the religion. But Islamophobes confuse these small parts with the whole and then see terrorist jihad under every Islamic pillow. They break out in a sweat at the mere picture of an imam.

Irrational fears are often rooted in our dimly remembered childhoods. Our irrational fear of Islam similarly seems to stem from events that happened in the early days of Christendom. Three myths inherited from the era of the Crusades constitute the core of Islamophobia today: Muslims are inherently violent, Muslims want to take over the world, and Muslims can’t be trusted.

The myth of Islam as a “religion of the sword” was a staple of Crusader literature and art. In fact, the atrocities committed by Muslim leaders and armies — and there were some — rarely rivaled the slaughters of the Crusaders, who retook Jerusalem in 1099 in a veritable bloodbath. “The heaps of the dead presented an immediate problem for the conquerors,” writes Christopher Tyerman in God’s War. “Many of the surviving Muslim population were forced to clear the streets and carry the bodies outside the walls to be burnt in great pyres, whereat they themselves were massacred.” Jerusalem’s Jews suffered a similar fate when the Crusaders burned many of them alive in their main synagogue. Four hundred years earlier, by contrast, Caliph ‘Umar put no one to the sword when he took over Jerusalem, signing a pact with the Christian patriarch Sophronius that pledged “no compulsion in religion.”

This myth of the inherently violent Muslim endures. Islam “teaches violence,” televangelist Pat Robertson proclaimed in 2005. “The Koran teaches violence and most Muslims, including so-called moderate Muslims, openly believe in violence,” was the way Major General Jerry Curry (U.S. Army, ret.), who served in the Carter, Reagan, and Bush Sr. administrations, put it…

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