buddha is a mythWith the release of my “Origins of Christianity” ebook, I have created a bit of a firestorm as concerns the story of “the Buddha.” In this regard, I have posted a lengthy excerpt from my book Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled demonstrating the clearly mythical and not historical nature of Buddha.

The “Historical” Buddha?

To begin with, Buddha’s conception is portrayed as coming to his mother, Maya, in a dream, like the conflicting gospel tales of Joseph’s dream or the angel appearing to Mary. Maya is represented as telling her husband, the king, about the dream “in the morning”; yet, the conception was said to have been accompanied by “32 great wonders,” including the trembling of “100,000 sakwalas” (“solar systems”) and the roaring of bulls and buffaloes, which surely would have woken up not only the king but also the entire town! In addition, Maya’s pregnancy was attended by 40,000 devas keeping guard. She was “transparent,” and the child could be seen in her womb. Certainly, these events – which historicizers would place only six centuries before the common era, when historians and travelers were abundant enough to have noticedare not “historical” but mythical.