Who Was Jesus on KindleThat’s what I’m calling my book Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ: “The Apologetics Debate Handbook,” because that’s what it is.

When I first created Who Was Jesus? some years ago, I did it with simplicity in mind, and now I’ve made it even simpler because you can carry the book around with all the rest of your Kindle texts!

Over the years, I had been asked by many people to write a short but comprehensive and comprehensible survey of the major difficulties with the gospel story. They had in mind sharing the knowledge with Christian relatives and friends. That’s exactly what I did with WWJ.

To make the book brief and to pinpoint the topic, I confined my analysis mainly to the four canonical gospels, adding my own commentary as well as copious quotes from a number of scholars, the vast majority of whom are or were Christian. Here is a list:

  • John Ankerberg
  • Craig L. Blomberg
  • F.F. Bruce
  • William Lane Craig
  • John Dominic Crossan
  • Bart Ehrman
  • Norman Geisler
  • Gary Habermas
  • Josh McDowell
  • John P. Meier
  • Bruce M. Metzger
  • J.P. Moreland
  • Ronald H. Nash
  • Lee Strobel
  • Merrill C. Tenney
  • Ben Witherington
  • Edwin Yamauchi
  • And more!

Who Was Jesus? has received rave reviews over the years from some erudite and credentialed individuals, whose reviews and blurbs can be read on my sites, including the book’s main webpage.

In WWJ, I run through the main problems with the gospels, as known and discussed by New Testament scholars and theologians, including contradictions and dating issues, etc. If you are interested in the subject of Christian apologetics – especially if you enjoy debating with Christian apologists – you will want to read this book! And to have it around at all times, in this handy Kindle edition.

WWJ goes Kindle

The reason it’s taken me this long to put out a Kindle edition of Who Was Jesus? is because Kindle is quite time-consuming to format. Amazon’s document conversion program is buggy and overrides codes, so it took quite a bit of tweaking to get it to this point.

Thus, I worked very hard to make this digital Kindle edition as easy to read as is possible, because I frankly think the fascinating and important information in this book is far too underutilized and should be made more widely available and known.

This Kindle edition is easy both on the eye and the wallet!

If you don’t have a Kindle reader but would like one, it would be great if you made your purchase through my site, because it would give me the extra support. Here’s a link:

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Also, you don’t need a Kindle reader to access these books, as Kindle makes applications (“apps”) for the following devices as well: iPhone, iPod, iPad and similar devices, such as Blackberry, Android, PC, Mac, etc.

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