swiss vote to bank minaretsUPDATE: The Swiss measure has passed and will be written into the Constitution – no minarets in Switzerland!  I’m moving to Lake Geneva.

On Sunday, November 29, the Swiss will vote on a referendum to ban minarets in their country. The proposal is sponsored by the most popular party, which is deemed “right wing.” So-called radical feminists are backing the ban as well, because they view the minarets as male symbols – phalluses, obviously – and equate them with the Islamic oppression of women.

Raised in this debate is the quote from the Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan, who stated that minarets were the “bayonets” of the Muslim religion, an obvious war term indicating the true intentions of Islamic global domination. Needless to say, such remarks are perceived as a threat to Western civilization, and rightly so. As one “local housewife” Julia Werner says:

“If we give them a minaret, they’ll have us all wearing burqas. Before you know it, we’ll have sharia law and women being stoned to death in our streets. We won’t be Swiss any more.”

The left, naturally, is “appalled” by this development, while a Swiss foreign minister expressed fear that the country would be terrorized if it votes yes on the ban!

The government, for its part, is worried about reprisals plunging Switzerland into the front line of the war against terror. Micheline Calmy-Rey, the foreign minister, said a yes vote “could make Switzerland a target for Islamic terrorism.”

In other words, “we are cowards who will not defend our culture against bullies threatening to dominate us through violence.” And what does this fear say concerning the rank-and-file Muslims who are complaining about “discrimination?” The obvious perception is that if we all don’t cave into them, they will terrorize us and commit violence against us.

Switzerland votes to ban minarets

Switzerland has voted to impose a blanket ban on the building of minarets across the country, backing an initiative by far-right politicians.

A clear majority of 57.5 per cent of the population and 22 out of 26 cantons voted to ban the towers or turrets attached on mosques from where Muslims are called to prayer.

Women lead Swiss in vote to ban minarets

A right-wing campaign to outlaw minarets on mosques in a referendum being held in Switzerland today has received an unlikely boost from radical feminists arguing that the tower-like structures are “male power symbols” and reminders of Islam’s oppression of women.

A “stop the minarets” campaign has provoked ferment in the land of Heidi, where women are more likely than men to vote for the ban after warnings from prominent feminists that Islam threatens their rights….