In Switzerland, three Hindu fundamentalists tried to invoke Agni the fire god to destroy anti-human and children-abusing hate speech. In this quest, they wanted to burn Bibles and Korans, which are loaded with such hate speech, targeting non-believers, women and all manner of other ethnicities and living creatures. The Hindus’ planned religious ceremony was stopped by the police, however, who  therefore appear to be guilty of religious discrimination.

Said one of the Hindus, Tetus Leo Panakal:

“I do not want even a single child to come into contact with a Bible or a Koran. What is written in these books is wrong, false and causes nightmares in children.”

Another Hindu, Vijay, stated that “Hinduism is synonymous with non-violence, tolerance and respect for other religions.” (Except, apparently, those religions that practice hate speech and advocate violence against others in their “sacred texts.”)

Their remarks were met with consternation that such an act could provoke “great danger” to the Swiss, as expressed by an Islam expert, Erich Gysling, who said:

“We must avoid at all costs that these books be burned. Otherwise, Switzerland courts great danger.”

Of course, one must wonder what “great danger” that would be, since we’re just talking about religions of peace, as demonstrated so handily by both their histories and these very same sacred texts!

Alas, the ceremony of purging the world of hate speech through the good graces of that most ancient of gods, Agni, who chars by his word, was not to happen, as the Swiss police stepped in an prevented these Hindus from exercising their rights to free expression and religious purification.

Swiss police said Friday they had arrested three persons who had announced their intention to burn a Bible and a Koran in front of the headquarters of the Swiss government in Bern….

In Switzerland, racial or religious discrimination and incitement to violence or crime is considered a misdemeanor punishable by three years in prison.

So, these Hindus were prevented from practicing THEIR religion, which included Agni the fire god ridding the world of hate speech. Perhaps the Swiss police now will be charged with religious discrimination?


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