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For years, people have asked me to provide a short and easy-to-read summary of the “life of Jesus” to share with family and friends. I am delighted to announce that I have now written a 39-page ebook designed to do just that, and that you can get the “pre-launch” electronic version of this new book, Who Was Jesus? right now!

Who Was Jesus? is specifically designed for Christians and uses mainly Christian texts and authorities. It starts out recounting the story of Christ found mostly in Matthew, followed by a short discussion of each of the other gospels, where they meet and diverge from each other. Next, I discuss the concept of “textual harmonization” as well as the gospel dates, revealing that the gospels are a mass of “variant readings” and that their authorship and dates are uncertain. I also delve into some Old Testament “prefiguring” and “prophecies,” providing all-new, original side-by-side charts. Finally come many reasons why people do not believe the story of Jesus Christ, and then a conclusion reminding the readers how much of our future rests upon this issue and how it should not be taken lightly.

This new ebook Who was Jesus? is available for immediate download in an easy-to-read and printable PDF file! You can have it right now!

“Thank you, Acharya, for the important work you are doing.”

“Fundamentalist Christians…contend that the Bible is the absolute and infallible word of God. But any careful reader recognizes that the Bible is full of contradictions, not the least being glaring differences in the stories told of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The four biblical gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) don’t report the same story. Further, on significant points, such as Jesus’ genealogy, they contradict each other. Biblical scholarship also shows that in early Christian writings there were numerous other gospels, those that did not make it into the Bible, relating stories about Jesus that also contradict the four biblical gospels. And isn’t it interesting that all of those gospels were written decades after the time that Jesus purportedly lived. They are not contemporary eyewitness accounts. Even more remarkable is that none of the many historians living and writing at the time in the relevant locale reported anything about the man Jesus or the miraculous events related in the gospels. Any reasonable person, faced with these facts would have to question whether any of it was true, to question even whether there was a historical Jesus at all.

“Given the choice, would you rather know what actually happened or to remain deluded, no matter how pleasant the delusion? For those who prefer to learn the actual facts that constitute important events in history, Who Was Jesus? is an eye-opener. It is a gateway to better understanding of the foundation of Christianity…. If there is any reason to believe that the very foundations of the Christ story are not what you thought, wouldn’t you want to know about it?

Who Was Jesus? is a succinct and penetrating examination of the gospels and their internal contradictions as well as a critical look at how the Jesus story was put together by fallible humans. It does not claim to be the whole story. But it is a great beginning to your search for truth about the Jesus myth and the hopelessly muddled foundations of Christianity.

“With liberty, justice, tolerance and respect for all…”

David Bergland
1984 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate
Libertarianism In One Lesson

Who Was Jesus? leads the reader gently through the problems revealed within New Testament scholarship. These are serious difficulties widely known by New Testament scholars, Christian or otherwise, but they are rarely brought to light to the rank-and-file believer.

  • Using biblical and Christian texts, Who was Jesus?:
  • Provides an easy-to-read summary of the gospel story of Jesus Christ.
  • Includes comparisons between the gospels, revealing discrepancies and difficulties.
  • Investigates the problems with the harmonization and dating of the gospels.
  • Presents precedents, prefiguring and prophecies of Jesus Christ.
  • Gives reasons why people believe different things about who Jesus Christ was.

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"Yes, I want the Who Was Jesus? ebook right now!"

Frankly, folks, I can always use help. Funds received will assist me in producing a print-on-demand, hard copy version of Who Was Jesus? via my publishing company, Stellar House Publishing. The POD version will be fairly small – the perfect size to pass around! This may just be the book many of my readers have requested over the years.

“A nicely compact and efficient mini-book demonstrating how little we can trust the Gospels to provide us with an historical picture of Christian beginnings, let alone a reliable biography of its reputed founder.

“The clear contradictions between the Gospels, the wholesale changes and editorializing performed by later evangelists (each one following his own theology and interests) in reworking earlier ones, the pervasive use of the Old Testament to construct the Gospel story – all of it renders the foundations of Christianity a thing of smoke and quicksand.

“Together with her recent tour de force, Suns of God, Acharya S has joined the growing number of pallbearers to the Historical Jesus, providing a few more nails in the coffin.”

Earl Doherty
The Jesus Puzzle

“Here is wisdom. A sober, balanced and very readable introduction to the core issues of the historical Jesus debate. Ms. Murdock guides the reader through the gospel quartet, noting the areas that trouble the rational thinker, and should trouble anyone concerned to discover for truth rather than defend dogma. She efficiently outlines the difficulties of harmonizing the variant accounts of Jesus’ ministry and shortcomings in the case for prophesy or extrabiblical testimony.

“A great primer that should be in every school library and on every intelligent Christian’s bookshelf.”

Ken Humphreys

“A masterful job – enormously instructive!”

“I just finished Who Was Jesus?

“Wow! What a masterful job you have done—truly. To take such a thorny and complex subject that could easily be 10 times as long and distill it down to the most salient and pertinent facts in such a small number of pages is a true talent possessed by few.

“Anyone, from those well versed on the subject to those who are complete neophytes, would find this book enormously instructive. I would venture to say that even the most obstinate church apologist would find this book to be a challenge to their ossified way of thinking.

“I did notice that you refrained from utilizing your well-developed sarcastic wit that made The Christ Conspiracy such a joy to read. But I enjoyed Who Was Jesus? to the hilt nonetheless.”

Harvey Diamond
Fit For Life

“You are very clever to produce a concise text of what Christianity is today, and how we arrived at the finished product. The vast majority of Christians today have no clue what they have gotten themselves into. Most will be dumbstruck with what you have shown… This is very good, Acharya. I wish that I had a copy of this when I was in high school…. I hope you will be able to print a hard copy. I can see a market for a small book like this for people who have never ventured into an Internet forum. The vast majority of Christian pew warmers have no idea about 99% of the problems you point out, and it would be very nice for them to be able to carry this information on their person.

“I can just see a Bible Study class looking into this !!!”

Loren Ball
NASA-Affiliated Astronomer
editor, Christian Biblical Errancy Debate

If you have ever benefited from my books, my site and my work, I’m asking you now to help me continue to do it. It needs to be stated that I am an individual, not an organization. I receive no funding from any organization that might attempt to pull my strings and dictate what I should think, share and teach. I would like to, and will fight to, keep this autonomy. By helping me, you can be assured that your donation will help:

  • Continue to increase religious understanding.
  • Bring further revelations regarding the origins of human culture.
  • Restore respect for ethnic diversity.

These issues may become critical in the near future, as the world’s cultures continue to rub elbows and encroach upon each other. In exchange for your donation, not only will be you be helping this cause but you also will have instant access to the pre-launch ebook version of my new, specially requested book Who Was Jesus?

"Yes, I want the Who Was Jesus? ebook right now!"

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As always, your assistance is greatly appreciated, and I know that you will love the new ebook. Look for more ebooks and POD versions from Stellar House Publishing in the future!

P.S. In the testimonial box below are the many lovely comments from those who have downloaded my new book Who Was Jesus? Many thanks to all of you! Big hug!

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“I’ve finally gotten to the point where the fairy tales I was fed as a youth are just that and there is no desire to revisit them any more. Your writings have helped me get to the point where I realized that I had bought into a mentally deranged worldview and gave me the courage to follow my long-suppressed inner wisdom to break free of the Christian stranglehold. Who Was Jesus? appears to be a tool that I can pass on to my family and friends instead of letting them bombard me with prayers for my eternal soul. Thanks a mil.” SK

“Glad to hear you are still working as courageosly as ever.” JK

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“Hi Acharya…I’m originally from Nigeria. I am also a good friend of Dr Kanya here in Atlanta, who turned me on to you. I have tremendously enjoyed your work, and I certainly intend to utilize it as a key tool in bring the same light of truth to my friends, family and people of Nigeria who have been so taken by this ‘Jesus fable’ and Christianity entirely as a whole. I would love an opportunity to get to speak with you so I may learn more from you on how to counter the lies, misinformation and deception that Christianity has feed them… I have much admiration of your courage in putting out such earth shattering information… the truth must be made known. I give you much thanks and look forward to an opportunity of speaking with you. Best Regards.” OU

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“I have read both of your published books and I have to say that you have to be the greatest mind in your area of research. I have no trouble following your lines of

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“I have read your last two books and wondered what else there is to learn from the ebook. I hope it is not simply a rehash of those books just to make more profit.” WW  –  [FYI, no, it’s not!]

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“I am an old fan of yours and have followed your amazing career for years. I have been an agnostic since my prepschool years at a very prestigious jesuit institution. I am so glad you came up now with this manuscript that I intend to read in one seating. Thank you for your contribution to man’s journey out of ignorance and superstition.” RA

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“I can’t WAIT to read your book. I work at the Post Office with people who STRONGLY believe that if you do NOT believe in Jesus/God that you are a witch. They told me it was in the bible. I do NOT practice that JUST the mere fact that I do NOT believe makes me the witch. I do, however, float in water. LOL Thank you Acharya S for all your hard work. You are so much appreciated here.” D.D.

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“Wish there was something equivalent for the HIV mythology, even more widespread than the Jesus myth in our times.” GS

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“I’ve read several of your articles on your website, and I find what you say very convincing. The story of Jesus mirroring the path of the sun through the zodiac fascinates me. I was raised to know Jesus from the time I was two, and prying me away from the idea he was an actual man is not easy, but to discover there were sixteen “God-men” with the same story as Jesus before the time of Jesus stopped me in my tracks. Thanks for all your work. I look forward to reading WWJ, and your previous book(s). Blessings.” TW

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