The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1

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Stellar House Publishing presents The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1

This 49-page ebook contains a scientific investigation of some of the facts from Part 1 of the ZEITGEIST movie, dealing with the comparisons of ancient religions and Christianity.

In this instantly downloadable and printable PDF file are answers to the following questions:

  • Who are the Egyptian gods Horus and Set?
  • Why does the battle between Horus and Set sound like that of Jesus and Satan?
  • Was the baby Horus really born on December 25th, just like Jesus is traditionally supposed to have been? This ebook contains 11 pages of research on this important subject.
  • Was Horus’s mother truly a virgin called Isis-Mery? A 10-page discussion of the virginal status of Horus’s mother, including citations of ancient texts in their original languages, with translations.
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Excerpts and Endorsements

…the many Egyptian myths and rituals, including numerous gods and goddess, prayers and hymns, were not obscure and ignored but were known to millions of people over a long period of time, with the result that these concepts were highly revered and on the forefront of worshippers’ minds. These hallowed Egyptian motifs included the sacredness of the cross, the virgin mother who gave birth to the divine son, a godman who taught on Earth and who was murdered, buried and resurrected, etc. Again, these concepts were widely known and in the minds of millions by the time the Christian mythos and ritual appeared in the same areas of the Mediterranean. Therefore, noting the obvious parallels between the Egyptian religion and Christianity, it would seem not only disingenuous but also dishonest to suggest that Christianity represents a “unique, divine revelation” to a small group of people in the tiny area of Palestine/Judea. Instead of thus denying the clear connection between the two religions as brought up in ZEITGEIST, we will explore it here, using as many relevant and quality sources as is possible. (p. 2)

In order to understand the many important correspondences between the Egyptian and Christian religions and how they have been framed in media like ZEITGEIST, as well as in my books such as The Christ Conspiracy and Suns of God, we need to remember that these common motifs in the Egyptian religion are not necessarily found in story form, as they are in the gospel tale, which itself, we contend, is a patchwork of motifs, myths, sayings and rituals found in pre-Christian religion. It also needs to be kept in mind that the information concerning these previous myths, rituals and symbols was not written down in one neat, ancient encyclopedia but is found widespread around the Mediterranean and elsewhere. Many of the elements of the tale, however, could have been found within the walls of the massive Library of Alexandria, where undoubtedly much of the most serious work in creating Christianity, the gospel story and the character of Jesus Christ was committed.

Indeed, it is my contention and that of others deemed “Jesus mythicists” that the creators of the gospel tale picked various themes and motifs from pre-Christian religions and myths, including and especially the Egyptian, and wove them together, using also the Jewish scriptures, to produce a unique version of the “mythos and ritual.” In other words, the creators of the Christ myth did not simply take an already formed story, scratch out the name of Osiris or Horus and replace it with Jesus. They chose their motifs carefully, out of the most popular religious symbols, myths and rituals, making sure they fit to some degree with the Jewish “messianic scriptures,” as they are termed, and created a new story that hundreds of millions since have been led to believe really and truly took place in history. Over the centuries, those who have clearly seen this development have asserted that this history is a fallacy imposed upon long pre-existing myths and rituals that have been reworked to result in the gospel story. In other words, we are convinced that “Jesus Christ” is a fictional character created out of older myths, rituals and symbols. (p. 8)

Horus, Sun of God

“In Osiris the Christian Egyptians found the prototype of Christ, and in the pictures and statues of Isis suckling her son Horus, they perceived the prototype of the Virgin Mary and her Child. Never did Christianity find elsewhere in the world a people whose minds were so thoroughly well prepared to receive its doctrines as the Egyptians.”

Dr. E.A. Wallis Budge, Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life (48) (p. 9)

Concerning Horus, Dr. James P. Allen remarks:

Horus was the power of kingship. To the Egyptians this was as much a force of nature as those embodied in the other gods. It was manifest in two natural phenomena: the sun, the most powerful force in nature; and the pharaoh, the most powerful force in human society. Horus’s role as the king of nature is probably the origin of his name: hrw seems to mean “the one above” or “the one far off”… This is apparently a reference to the sun, which is “above” and “far off” in the sky, like the falcon with which Horus is regularly associated…

Thus, Horus symbolizes the power aspect of the sun, and the falcon is likewise a solar symbol by virtue of how high it flies. (pp. 12-13)

Horus versus Set

“The Christian Trinity ousted the old triads of gods, Osiris and Horus were represented by our Lord Jesus Christ, Isis by the Virgin Mary, Set the god of evil by Diabolus [Satan]…and the various Companies of the Gods by the Archangels, and so on.”

Dr. E.A. Wallis Budge, Egyptian Tales and Romances (12) (p. 17)

As does Satan with Jesus (Rev. 12:1-5), Set attempts to kill Horus. Set is the “god of the desert” who battles Horus, while Jesus is tempted in the desert by Satan. (p. 23)

“The Companion Guide to Zeitgeist, Part 1, by Acharya S is an absolute must for anyone who wishes to fully understand the significance of the movie.”

“Well-referenced, with numerous quotations from renowned Egyptologists and classical scholars, Acharya’s penetrating research clearly lays out the very ancient pre-Christian basis of modern Christianity. Those who espouse Christianity beware! After digesting the evidence, you will never again view your religion in the same light.”

Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.
Division of Natural Science
College of General Studies at Boston University
Author, Pyramid Quest, Voyages of the Pyramid Builders and Voices of the Rocks

“This work helps lift the veil of suppression in regard to the truth behind the Christian religion and its Egyptian origins.”

“Our appreciation should now evolve to the understanding of the mythical developments of the ancient world and their metaphoric foundations; not with the establishment dogma, which exists as a perversion of the original knowledge and poetry.”

Peter Joseph
Creator, “Zeitgeist, The Movie”

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“The Zeitgeist Part 1 ebook is a tough work for anyone to come along and try to dispute.”

“In forums, several people have expressed the idea that Christianity isn’t a mimic of the Egyptian religion at all.

“I don’t think that they could read through the Companion Guide and still hold such an uninformed opinion. That’s the opinion of people who have had somewhere between little to no contact whatsoever with the Egyptian religion.

“Anyone who reads through the entirety of the Zeitgeist Companion Guide will be armed with a powerful tool of debate towards addressing all modern Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious fundamentalism.

“As far as I’m concerned this is the way to the future. Religious fundamentalism will become exposed for its fallacies beyond any reasonable doubt and we will start to see a new ‘world view’ come into fruition.

“It’s just a matter of time and positive thinking.”

“Tat Tvam Asi”
TBK Nation

“A must-read for those who seek the Truth!”

“Acharya S has written an incredible expose regarding the origins of the Judeo-Christian doctrines, which have been shrouded in mystique and kept humanity at odds for at least two millennia.

“Apparently ‘plagiarized’ from Egyptian mythology, the paradigms of Western culture have been skewed by religious dogma, preventing the average person from understanding why we worship the way we do.

“Acharya S clearly illustrates how necessary it is to eliminate the preconceived notions of our spiritual heritage, and to keep an open mind when coming to terms with the forced indoctrination of those who wish to keep us ignorant and under their control.

“The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1 – ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ – is essential to fully comprehend the conclusions that Acharya S puts forth from her exhaustive and thorough research.”

Dr. Cindy Gale
Chiropractor/Natural Healer

Born on December 25th

Prior to its celebration as the birthday of Jesus Christ, the 25th of December/winter solstice was claimed as the birthday for a number of other gods and godmen, including the Perso-Roman god Mithra and the Greek god Dionysus. So too, apparently, do we find this annual celebration in Egypt concerning the sun god, which represents the “birth” of the “new sun” after the “old sun” “dies” around December 21st (in the northern hemisphere), lying in his “tomb” or “cave” for three days and on December 25th being “born again.”…

Concerning this cycle in Egypt, in “Isis and Osiris” (ch. 65), Plutarch remarked that Horus-or “Harpocrates,” his Greek name-was “born about the winter solstice, unfinished and infant-like…” (p. 25)

…so common was the claim that Christians worshipped the sun that Church fathers such as Tertullian (c. 155-230) and Augustine (354-430) were compelled to write refutations of it. In Ad Nationes (I, 13), Tertullian writes:

The Charge of Worshipping the Sun Met by a Retort.

…Others, with greater regard to good manners, it must be confessed, suppose that the sun is the god of the Christians, because it is a well-known fact that we pray towards the east, or because we make Sunday a day of festivity. What then? Do you do less than this? Do not many among you, with an affectation of sometimes worshipping the heavenly bodies likewise, move your lips in the direction of the sunrise? (p. 33)

Horus and the Virgin Isis-Mer

The assertion that Horus’s mother was a virgin can also be found in the Book of the Dead, chapter 66, in which the deceased identifies himself as Horus and says: “I know that I have been conceived by Sechit and that I am born of Neith.”…

…in this ancient text we possess an identification of the mother of Horus as the goddess Neith, who is by all accounts a virgin mother from thousands of years prior to the Christian era. In fact, some scholarship provides for estimates of the pre-historic Neith’s worship dating back some 7,000 years. (p. 38)

Once more Budge says, “When the Egyptians embraced Christianity they saw nothing strange in identifying [Isis] with the Virgin Mary, and her son Horus with the Babe Christ.”

Of this apparent development and transparent usurpation of the Egyptian religion by Christians, Budge concludes:

It has often been said and written that the cult of Isis and Horus and the worship of Mary the Virgin and the Child are one and the same thing…

With all these facts in mind, the insistence that Christianity sprang up in a vacuum as a unique and new “divine revelation” appears completely ludicrous and unsustainable. (p. 44)


In light of these facts–carefully hidden from the masses–it is egregious to insist that the Egyptian and Christian religions are entirely unrelated, as do apologists today and in the past with such disingenuousness. In reality, it is obvious from comments by ancient and modern writers alike that various of the correspondences between the Egyptian and Christian religions constituted what are known as “the mysteries,” such as the perpetual virginity of the goddess and the birth of her son at the winter solstice, hinted at in a number of places and brought to light here. If we were to explore the numerous other parallels between the Christian and Egyptian religions using the same “forensic” methodology, we would find much of the same veracity behind them as well. As mysteries, these characteristics were not necessarily spelled out overtly in texts or inscriptions-although, as we have seen, they are certainly strongly indicated in a number of places. Other correlations, however, have been right before our eyes, covered over in delusion and mendacity, to be exposed here and now through great struggle and the passage of thousands of years. We are, in fact, privileged to exist at a time when these mysteries are at last revealed, and humanity can progress to a greater level of enlightenment. (p. 48)

While this book is scholarly, citing data from the earliest sources with over 200 footnotes, it is also easily readable for those who are interested in this subject. A link to an extensive bibliography is also provided.

(Note: This short ebook does not contain material on the other aspects of the Horus myth discussed in ZEITGEIST–these subjects are addressed in Acharya’s book Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.)

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Note: Despite the false claims, ZEITGEIST has not been refuted. My book Christ in Egypt demonstrates through primary and highly credentialed sources that all of the Horus-Jesus connections in ZEITGEIST are factual.

Thank you.