female genital mutilation

FGM by Dr. Mohammed Osman

It all seems so simple – quit mutilating girls and women’s genitals!  Just stop doing it, m’kay?  This horrible procedure, which varies in degree of pathology from place to place, is completely unnecessary and is NOT ordained by any god person.  It does not serve any social purpose except to prevent women from feeling sexual pleasure and to make them into unfeeling sex toys for men, who basically own them.

In order to appease the barbaric cultures that practice this disgusting battery against young girls and women, the American Academy of Pediatrics decided at first that it would try to “lessen the evil,” so to speak, by allowing a small nick to be performed by medical doctors in the U.S. Better than sending their girls abroad for the full-on butchery, they reasoned.

Well, golly, how about just prosecuting the parents for battery on a minor?  If anyone else in the country decided to take a butcher knife to their children and start cutting off body parts, they would be arrested.  The special “minorities” – soon to outnumber everyone else because of their reproductive rates – are allowed to commit heinous crimes against children, apparently. Fortunately, the AAP was shamed by public outcry to retract their position, stating:

Dr. Judith S. Palfrey, president of the academy, said: “We’re saying don’t do it. Do everything that you can to support that family in this tough time, but don’t be pulled into the procedure.”

In the meantime, Dutch doctors have come right out and recommended a ban against the needless mutilation of boys – as they should.

The idiotic bending over backward to accommodate these cultures – many of which are Muslim – who mutilate girls and women is a sign of social depravity and degeneration, not a step towards an enlightened, pluralistic society.  No mutilation of children, including boys being “circumcised” for no medical reason, would be present in a truly enlightened society.  If after all these thousands of years your culture can’t handle human sexuality, then it isn’t worth shite, frankly.

Over the past several millennia, many cultures have lost significant traits through being compelled to adhere to different traditions and norms. Some of these losses were quite quick and devastating, but they occurred.  And this is one tradition that we do not need to keep around any longer for any reason.  Just get rid of it, abruptly and forever.

In other words, stop mutilating the genitals of girls and women – right now!  And certainly do not let your currently non-mutilating country allow this foul pestilence to invade and fester in any way, shape or form.