Happy Winter Solstice Day songHere’s a little song I put together for this special time of the year!

Seasons Greetings and Happy Solstice!

Solstice Day Song

From the (hypothetical) album:

“How the Christians Stole Solstice” 🙂


Long time ago in Egypt,
So the ancient texts do say,
Isis’s boy-child, Horus,
Was born on Solstice Day

Hark now hear the Pagans sing,
A new sun born today
And people will live forever more
Because of Solstice Day

Note that according to some ancient traditions, the solstice period begins at midnight on December 21st and ends at midnight on the 24th – the three-day period when the “sun stands still,” which is the meaning of the word “solstice.” See “Is December 25th the winter solstice?

(PS: I tried to put this song into a player, but it wasn’t working. Your computer will probably bring up a player automatically – enjoy!)

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