What is sharia or Islamic law? Sharia is followed by millions of people in Islam-dominant countries. Below are the popular elements of sharia purportedly ordained by Islamic holy writings, including the Quran and sahih hadiths, as asserted by many Muslim authorities over the centuries. Although the law differs from one Muslim country to the next, many devout Muslims – they object to the word “radical” or “extremist” – concur with one or all of these elements as part of Islamic or sharia law and, ultimately, as the core of Islam itself. If you disagree with these Muslim spokespeople, please feel free to tell them that. You can find these devout Muslims discussing these subjects in the videos below.

Sharia Law

Honor killings
Burning infidels alive
Supremacy/global domination
Limb amputations
Genital mutilation
Death to apostates
Forced conversion
Sex slavery and rape
Click to enlarge and downloadWomen enslavement
Wife beating
Child marriage/rape
Brutality against homosexuals
Bigotry and hatred
Robbery and pillage
Extortion of nonbelievers
Persecution and/or death for blasphemy/atheism
Animal cruelty
Prohibition of music/singing
Destruction of pre-Islamic antiquities
Etc., ad nauseam

Videos of Muslims on Sharia Law

Iraqi Muslim sheik: Raping women is okay in Islam

Kurdish Mullah: Female genital mutilation “is an obligation” in Islam

Muslim cleric: The man must hit his wife because women are stupid creatures

Muslim cleric: Allah honored wives with the punishment of beatings

Bahraini Muslim cleric: Rules for wife-beating

Kuwait Muslim woman: Muslim men need sex slaves, should capture Europeans

Muslim scholar: Homosexuals must be stoned


Kuwait Muslim scholar: Homosexuals must be killed

UK Muslim leader: Gays should be executed under Uslamic Law

Pakistani Muslim scholar: Islam is the only true religion, all others false

UK Muslim lawyer: Non-Muslims are not innocent


Saudi cleric: Any Muslim who refuses to pray is an infidel and must be killed


Saudi Muslim: Killing apostates a ‘healthy belief’

Muslim cleric: Mohammed had sex with a nine year old girl

Muslim cleric: Mohammed had sex with his 9-year-old “wife” Aisha


Muslim child brides want divorce

Muslim preacher: Music is Haram/Forbidden for Muslims. Music is the Quran of Satan

Muslim cleric: Islam, Muslims will conquer the world

Egyptian Muslim cleric: Muslims will conquer Europe


UK Muslim leader: Islam will dominate America


Muslim commentator: There is no “radical” Islam, just Islam


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