Well, golly!  Let’s all run to Saudi Arabia, where speaking about one of the most basic human experiences is taboo. A well-known phenomenon, however, is that oppression and suppression create obsession. The “forbidden fruit,” so to speak, which too often leads to abuse and perversion.

Imagine the world without the “Sexual Revolution” and the work of various sexologists during the 70s and so forth. The attitude towards sex is already bad enough as it is, without the “conversative” mentality besmirching it. What’s happened to the “Tantra Revolution?” Looks like the Muslim, Christian and Jewish conservative worlds could use a big dose of that.

And just imagine living in a place that doles out harsh punishments for what we take for granted, i.e., talk radio filled with characters like Howard Stern.

Saudi gets 5 years in jail for frank TV sex talk

A Saudi court on Wednesday convicted a man for publicly talking about sex after he bragged on a TV talk show about his exploits, sentencing him to five years in jail and 1,000 lashes, his lawyer said.

Talking about sex publicly is a taboo in ultraconservative Saudi Arabia…

The kingdom, which is the birthplace of Islam, enforces strict segregation of the sexes. An unrelated couple, for example, can be detained for being alone in the same car or having a cup of coffee in public.

Saudis observe such segregation even at home, where they have separate living rooms for male and female guests.