robert anton wilsonI was going through some boxes recently, and I found a letter to me from the late great Robert Anton Wilson, written way back in 1992! Before I return this precious item to safe-keeping, I had to excerpt it here.

I had sent RAW some of my rabblerousing writings – again, eons ago, in 1992 – to which he replied, among other things:

Thanks for sending me your Bible belts, which I enjoyed reading. However, don’t be too hard on Christians. I have it on excellent scriptural authority that they can all be saved from the flames of Hell if they abjure their infidelity, accept Allah as the one true God and acknowledge that Mohammed is the prophet of God. Even Marilyn Quayle can be saved, if she takes this simple step before it is is too late.

Goats forever! Peace to all Penguins! Preserve the great furry Merkin! Keep the Lasagna flying proudly over Muscle Beach!

Robert Anton Wilson

In addition to this brief snail-mail correspondence, I met Bob in 1996 at Timothy Leary’s memorial service in a hangar at Santa Monica Airport. Also in attendance were John C. Lilly, whose hand I shook, and Leary’s goddaughter, Winona Ryder, who is little bitty person in real life.

The world is poorer for lack of RAW. Hopefully he is partying discordantly in his role as the cosmic Bob Dobbs.