christian copts egypt persecution protest hollandIt seems as if a dam has burst with the amount of reports coming out from a variety of sources worldwide regarding persecution of Christians, largely at the hands of Muslims. Last week the Wall Street Journal ran an article called “Islamic Christianophobia” that highlights the persecution of Christians in Muslim-dominant nations and how the world is ignoring it. Are the incidents increasing, or is there just more reportage?

In the wake of the ruling in Malaysia wherein Christians are now allowed to use the word “Allah” for God there have been several reports of attacks on Christians and churches in that nation. As concerns continued governmental oppression of non-Muslims, a Malay Christian woman had a series of CDs seized because they used the word “Allah” for God but were about Christianity.

In Algeria, the New York Times relates, a Protestant church was burned and looted by Muslims, based on increasing hostility and “religious intolerance in the Arab and Muslim world.” From their comments, the Algerian authorities are too afraid to intervene: “Authorities don’t want to get involved because they’re worried of getting in trouble with the Islamists…”

As I’ve related a number of times, the ancient community of Coptic Christians in Egypt is said to be on the brink of extinction, with constant assaults from Muslims there. The Coptic population is very important, because they are human beings first of all, and secondly because they represent the only living link to the glorious Egyptian past! They must not be allowed to be genocided to extinction, which is where they are headed.

The “Islamists,” as these Muslims are often styled in the media, are rattling their sabers everywhere. Ever since 9/11, these fanatics have tasted blood. In this regard, it does not matter who really orchestrated 9/11 – to the rabid would-be world conquerors, civilized society is frightened enough now of Islamic violence that it is capitulating left and right to whatever demands the most criminal, violent and hateful segment of humanity makes. The entire world, it seems, is being held hostage by pirates and brigands who would enjoy seeing all of humankind enslaved in black and white garb, with all color and creativity removed, with severity, brutality and abuse the norm, rather than the sorry exception.

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