FailureReligion dooms itself to failure by the exclamation that a god has created the universe and all in it to be as it is understood at the time of the creation of that religion. They have locked themselves into a view that must eventually be exposed by the improved description of the Universe that science provides. Mankind, life, death, the universe, as it was understood two millennia ago was a very primitive interpretation at best. The simple statement that ‘God (or a god) created it this way’ immediately signed the eventual death knell for that religion. They are forever trapped in a cycle of irrational and implausible explanations for their claims the evidence of which consists of forged documents and artifacts, and outright lies. Unfortunately, the end hasn’t arrived soon enough, but rest assured it will arrive.

Had the writers and creators defined their religions by saying “This is the best we can do with the information that we have at this time,” then they would have left the door open for a refinement of their descriptions of the starry universe, the supernatural, and of their god (s). They would have left the door open for legitimate revision of their interpretation of the world as science has and always will reveal it. Perhaps this is the future of religion, an evolution, so to speak. Possibly, but I think not. The proselytizers, wish makers, and money changers are far too stubborn to change. They are too arrogant and willfully ignorant of the natural world to ever consider the logic of such a course of action.

Praise be to rationality.