Here’s a new article by my well-spoken friend Amil Imani, an ex-Muslim from Iran who is risking his life with his dedication to criticizing Islamic atrocity and hegemony.

Religion & The Marketplace

Islam is on its march of death on many fronts. A very dangerous front has been recently re-opened at the United Nations (UN) by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the largest group of nations within the UN, by introducing a new resolution.

The resolution under consideration—Defamation of Religions—aims to enlist the power and prestige of the UN in defense of religion by declaring religions to be immune from the general discourse practiced in non-religious domains.

The aim of the resolution is to impose a gag order on people against breathing a word that religionists may find defaming or offensive. Isn’t that a great idea, folks? Now, any crackpot, more than ever, can start a scheme and call it a religion. And by so doing, he can be under the protective umbrella of the UN, immune from any criticism and litigation. By contrast, any religious order can take any offender to court for offensive statements.

I can just see the legions of lawsuits that will be launched and financed by the petrodollar rich Islamists in an unrelenting effort to muzzle any and all people who might dare to point out the truth about Islam. The very expenses of litigation, even without convictions, can ruin any individual or organization….

Unfortunately, the Islamists have plenty of help in their world-dominating endeavors by witless, self-defeating dhimmis who are trying mightily to stop others from pointing out the truth as well – and there are far too many of these Rahabs opening up the gates to the would-be conquerors.