I have decided to spill a few beans here – not all, but a few of the “mysteries” that have been created around my work and the Christ-myth field in general.  Here’s a major secret – are you ready?  As you can tell from the title of this article, the secret is…many ministers, preachers, priests, divinity school PhD candidates, seminary students and even a bishop or two have written me over the years to tell me that they are closet fans of my work. This sort of secret disclosure goes back to the beginning of my sojourn on the internet, starting in 1995.

I heard many times in the early years that “they know it is all a myth,” referring to the upper echelons of the Christian hierarchy –  especially, I was told, the Jesuits and other Catholic groups, because they are well educated.  These individuals have known about the large body of literature dating back several centuries in a variety of languages that has demonstrated the mythical nature of important biblical stories, including and especially the most supernatural tale of all, that of the gospels.

This continuing encouragement in hearing from dozens of educated clergymen over the past 15 years has kept me inspired to push forward with this fascinating subject, in the face of relentless hostility and unpleasant assaults by fanatical defenders of the faith.

As an example of the positive feedback from the more erudite segment of society, I recently received a very enthusiastic message from a PhD candidate in the religion department of a major university who is using my works in his studies. I also got the following message from a Christian pastor:

“I’m a Presbyterian minister and have read some of your books – fantastic!! Especially love the one about Jesus and Horus.”

These are only a couple of the many such comments I have received from clergy of one form of another over the years. Many of them have said that they are either incorporating the information I’ve brought forth into their vocation, including in sermons, or they are wanting to have a curriculum for ministers and pastors to bring more of the exoteric meaning of the Christ myth into their ministry.

Such a curriculum, of course, is necessary because the mythicist position, with its focus on the astrotheological origins of much ancient myth and religion, is not represented within academia. This fact is a pity, because these individuals would like to maintain their integrity but they cannot be gainfully occupied without toeing the well-heeled party line.

I bring these issues to attention here because for many years now I have “suffered in silence,” while assailed incessantly with all manner of calumny, libel and fallacious contentions, including that “no credible scholar or clergyman takes her seriously.” In consideration of the treatment I have received for merely raising up comparative religion and mythology, it is understandable why most of these scholars and clergy have not made themselves known to the public, their higher-ups or their congregations. Yet, they are there, privately and quietly absorbing the fascinating material I am working hard to bring to light.

Naturally, I would love any and all clergy who are reading this post to come forth!  Leave a message here. As you can tell from my reticence in even exposing this issue, I am very friendly and discreet…. Indeed, while I’ve been swinging in the wind out here largely alone – with a few courageous professionals pitching in – I have yet to “out” anyone against his or her will.  The same cannot be said about the treatment I have received, as my detractors have continually exposed my private information – endangering me and my family. But we as human beings apparently do not deserve courtesy, dignity and respect – that’s the whole problem with human-hating religious fanaticism in the first place.  From the consisently mean-spirited and poor treatment I have been subjected to from legions of “loving Christians” over the years, it is easy to understand why these “Christ-myther” clergymen and women hide in the shadows.

In addition to the fear of the mob and the loss of income is another reason for the clerical concealment: One of these individuals revealed an ages-old “brotherhood” secret when he told me – in a foreign language that few non-natives speak – that we must not reveal the mysteries to the vulgar, because the masses are “idiots” and cannot comprehend.  This contempt for the credulous public has been expressed many times over the centuries by a variety of clergymen.

On a positive note, with any time, luck and help, it will be possible to create a curriculum for those who wish to teach the mythological and astrotheological origins of much religious ideation. A concerted effort will be necessary, so, again, come forth, ye enlighteners of humanity!

For more on this subject, see my books and articles at StellarHousepublishing.com and TruthBeKnown.com.

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