An absolutely fascinating show about the pre-Columbian settlement and/or exploration of the Americas by peoples from several different parts of the “Old World,” from China to Ireland aired in June and October 2010 on the History Channel. The show was in two parts that explored the mysterious traditions and artifacts seemingly demonstrating voyages across the Pacific and Atlantic long before Columbus purportedly “discovered” America in 1492. The fact that Columbus did not in fact discover North America has been proved over the past several decades with the find of the Viking archaeological site of L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland. The program investigates many other such possible pre-Columbian contact events such as the apparent ancient Irish settlement at Groton, Connecticut, as well as runes in various places such as the Kensington Stone that may be centuries older than the 15th century.

In this exploration, common words for “sweet potato” between Central Americans and Polynesians essentially proves contact between these cultures, as does the presence of a traditional Polynesian boat of the coast of California, along with the Chumash word for it basically the same as the Polynesian term.

These finds also include an evidently Solutrean spear point found in the U.S. dating from some 24,000 years ago. The Solutreans were ancient Europeans, which would mean that “Caucasians” were in America much earlier than almost all other cultures.

There were many such fascinating facts in this program that reveal what is called “diffusionism,” positing global travel thousands of years ago. In my book The Christ Conspiracy, I discussed some of the evidence for these apparent globe-trotting civilizations, including some of the artifacts and traditions raised by the History Channel show. One of these cultural artifacts is the mythology, especially the astrotheological meaning behind popular myths, which is why my book Christ Con ends with this riveting subject. In other words, there are many similarities in ancient religion and mythology, even extending to between the so-called Old and New Worlds, including the story of the sun god, which eventually manifests itself in the Christian mythos. A basic outline and some interesting other details reveal the general gospel story and non-canonical traditions about the Jewish godman, Jesus, may be found in the myths of American gods and goddesses, including the Aztec Quetzalcoatl and others.

The unraveling of this wondrous puzzle is occurring through mitochondrial DNA – more to come…

Who really discovered America?