fort hood hospital texasUPDATE: News agencies report the shooter as a “lifelong” and “devout” Muslim who made “outlandish remarks” about Muslims killing Americans. Also, Hasan supposedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” – “Allah is great” – as he opened fire

Well it had to happen, because there are far too many people in this country who want to destroy it, and many others are too complacent about it. Never mind all that – we need to continue to ignore the threat of Islamic fanaticism, in favor of being politically correct (and terrified to speaking out).  The alleged murderer at Fort Hood is at this point only a “possible” Muslim convert, but it wouldn’t surprise many Islam critics if that contention is true. I have no doubt that upon hearing this horrible news, many people asked themselves if the shooter was a Muslim.

The simple fact is that none of this mania is going to go away, so long as the non-Muslim world and responsible Muslims refuse to acknowledge there’s a problem intrinsic to Islam.

Muslim apologists and dhimmi spokesmen will undoubtedly claim that the shooter was in reality a Zionist, racist or Islamophobe.

Army: 12 die, 31 wounded in Fort Hood shooting

FORT HOOD, Texas – A soldier opened fire at a U.S. Army base in Fort Hood, Texas on Thursday, unleashing a stream of gunfire that left 12 people dead and 31 wounded. Authorities killed the gunman, and apprehended two other soldiers suspected in what appears to be the worst mass shooting at a U.S. military base.

The shooting began around 1:30 p.m., Lt. Gen. Bob Cone said at a news conference. He said all the casualties took place at the base’s Soldier Readiness Center, where soldiers who are about to be deployed or who are returning undergo medical screening.

“It’s a terrible tragedy. It’s stunning,” Cone said.

A law enforcement official identified the shooting suspect as Army Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan. The official said Hasan, believed to be in his late 30s, was killed after opening fire at the base. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case publicly.

The official says investigators are trying to determine if Hasan was his birth name, or if he changed his name and converted to Islam at some point in his life….

Who is Nidal Malik Hasan?

…Religion: He attended the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, Md., and was devout, Khan said. He attended prayers at least once a day, seven days a week, often in his Army fatigues, Khan said….

Fort Hood shooting: Nidal Malik Hasan ‘said Muslims should rise up’

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who allegedly killed 11 people before being shot and wounded by police at Fort Hood, had said Muslims should “rise up” and attack Americans in retaliation for the US war in Iraq, a former army colleague said.

Fort Hood shooting:  Woman police officer who brought down Muslim major Nidal Malik Hasan after he shot dead 13 at Texas army base

Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he opened fire