King Pakal on the Tree of Life from PalenqueThis is the kind of nonsense that can be so frustrating: Almost 1.8 million views on a video (below) that touts the false “ancient astronauts theory” and that misrepresents a Mayan icon as depicting an “alien.” While the icon in question – the image of Mayan king Pakal climbing a Wakah-Chan or “Tree of Life” – may be “weirdly” BEAUTIFUL, it is assuredly not of someone in a space ship.

This foliated cross or Wakah Chan world tree also represents the Milky Way. The myths surrounding it are fascinating but very much representative of our world and its natural environs, including the heavens from our perspective.

But this post reminds me that I really should get my Yucatan presentation finished – it’s almost two years now since I gave it! I’m sure it won’t get 1.8 million views, however, since it is not sensationalist crackpottery.