It is simply disgraceful that in this day and age barbaric and savage “blasphemy” laws are on the books in any country on this small planet with its umpteen religious faiths, sects and cults, which frequently contradict each other. Technically speaking, it seems that we could “blaspheme” any number of sick man-made cults every time we wake up – or even while we’re asleep.

As far as I am concerned, fundamentalist religious tyranny and fanaticism blaspheme MY religion and MY god in a huge way. Therefore, according to this abject barbarism calling for the deaths of blasphemers, many “radically” devout Muslims, Christians and Jews in particular could be deemed blasphemous and sentenced to death.

Pakistan’s blasphemy law – which recently caught up a Christian mother who was sentenced to death for alleged remarks about Mohammed – is a disgrace and embarrassment, as well as yet another black stain on Islam.

It is obvious from this wretched law and many other aspects of Islamic/sharia law that Islam is not interested at all in humanity but only in harshness, cruelty and brutality.

Family files appeal against death sentence to Pak woman

The family of a Pakistani Christian woman, who was sentenced to death for blasphemy, has filed an appeal in the Lahore High Court against the judgement.

A lower court in Pakistan on Nov 7 sentenced 45-year-old Asia Bibi to death, accepting the prosecution version that she had passed derogatory remarks about Prophet Mohammed….

B-b-but, according to its supporters, Islam is sooo good for non-Muslims and women! Look, it’s for her own good that she’s killed, because otherwise she’s a filthy, blasphemous infidel whore. Better dead than non-Muslim! Remember, long-dead prophets, inanimate books and intangible ideologies are FAR more important than living, breathing human beings and their children who need their mothers!