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“They said killing an infidel is not a sin, instead it’s righteousness in the sight of Allah almighty.”

And now we have it from the horse’s mouth – again. For years, there have raged all over the internet debates about why Islam is not a “peaceful religion” but, rather, a dangerous ideology. One of the main points against Islam has been the contention that infidel-killing is not only a sport but also a requirement for devout Muslims. This contention has been backed up by numerous scriptures, both koranic and hadithic, etc., as well as the endless stream of violence by Muslim fanatics over the centuries, which includes wholesale genocide in many countries invaded by Muslim warriors.

We have heard an abundance of infidel-hating speeches from “radical” (devout) Muslim clerics, imams, mullahs, etc., but we are always told that the average Muslim – apparently completely unaffected by the non-stop hate speech from these religious leaders – is “moderate” and does not hate infidels, as essentially prescribed by the Koran and other Islamic texts.

In this latest story, we have seemingly “average” Pakistani Muslims basically spilling the beans on one of the fundamentals that define Islam: To wit, killing infidels.

In addition to such truthful proclamations, the bloody history of Islam proves it to be a desert warrior cult largely designed to conquer, enslave, pillage, slaughter and usurp non-Muslims. Another main feature, of course, is the oppression, suppression, repression and enslavement of women and all things female.

Pakistani Christian Beaten for Refusing to Convert to Islam

The four older Muslim brothers of a 26-year-old Christian beat him unconscious in Kallur Kot, Pakistan, earlier this month because he refused their enticements to convert to Islam…

“They threatened that it was the breaking point now, and that I must convert right now or face death,” Masih said. “They said killing an infidel is not a sin, instead it’s righteousness in the sight of Allah almighty.”
Masih begged them to give him a few minutes to consider converting and then tried to escape, but they grabbed him and beat him with bamboo clubs, leaving him for dead, he said.
“They vented their fury and left me, thinking that I was dead, but God Almighty resuscitated me to impart His good news of life,” he said….

And here is a video of an infamous British-Pakistani Muslim preacher who is so brazen in his expose of longstanding Koranically sanctioned behavior that some claim he is “controlled opposition.” In any event, he certainly does spell out Islamic fanaticism like it is and has been for many centuries. Keep in mind that when Muslims claim they are against the killing of “innocents,” they often mean only Muslims, usually fanatical or fundamentalist. All other Muslims and all non-Muslims are fair game, no matter the gender, age or state of “innocence.”

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