pakistan mosque massacre slaughter killings murdersSad to say it’s just another day of Islamist-led slaughter, this time the victims being Muslims, as they often are in this part of the world, i.e., Pakistan and Afghanistan. Apparently the targets were Pakistani military leaders, but other worshippers in the mosque such as children were among the casualties. How can the Islamist militants justify the slaughter of such obvious innocents?  Were these children not “Muslim enough” for the murderers? Or are the perpetrators of such acts simply cowardly sadists and masochists who love death more than life, as Fort Hood murderer Nidal Hasan stated of his fellow Muslim fanatics?

Cui bono?

One question I have raised repeatedly over the years as concerns the constant state of bloodshed on planet Earth is, where are all these weapons being manufactured and who is profiting from them? How many weapons manufacturers are there globally?  Who owns these factories?  Why isn’t anyone else asking these questions?

It has been said that at the bottom of “all” wars are the third-party weapons manufacturers.  If so, why aren’t they being scrutinized and having their feet held to the fire for supplying weapons to brigands and reprobates who have no respect for life? Any other business with so much death and destruction on its hands would be put under a microscope.  If car manufacturers, for instance, were supplying their products to sociopaths who regularly ran others down with them, there would be an investigation.  But not so with weapons manufacturers.

Oh, and by the way, I am a supporter of the Second Amendment to the American Constitution that has been used to justify private gun ownership. The U.S. in fact has proved that large numbers of human beings for the most part can own weapons to protect themselves without committing massacres on a regular basis, so banning such private ownership is not a sensible response. Nor is allowing militants and other organized psychopaths easy access to stockpiles of weapons.

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