christians burned raped converting to islam

Christian cemetery in Karachi, Pakistan (Photo: Rzafar)

On March 19th, a Christian man in Pakistan was burned alive for not converting to Islam, while his wife was raped by police after complaining about the crime. The couple’s small children were forced to “witness the torture inflicted upon their parents.”

I don’t like to keep bringing up such hideous things, which are “anecdotal,” obviously, but I feel compelled, because there certainly is good reason to associate the “religion of peace” with hatred, violence and terrorism, as exemplified here once again.

My disgust at the human-hating and woman-enslavement of this fanaticism runs deep, and such atrocities obviously do nothing to mitigate that sentiment.

Pakistan: Punjab: Christian burned alive dies, Christian community calls for justice

Islamabad – Arshed Masih died last night in hospital from the serious injuries – burns covering 80% of his body – which the 38 year old Pakistani Christian suffered when he was set on fire because he refused to convert to Islam….

On March 19 a group of Islamic extremists burned alive Arshed Masih, a driver employed by a wealthy Muslim businessman in Rawalpindi. His wife worked as a maid in the same estate, situated in front of a police station. Recently disagreements had arisen between the employer, Sheikh Mohammad Sultan, and the couple because of their Christian faith. The couple had suffered threats and intimidation to force them to convert to Islam.

Arshed Masih (pictured) died last night at 7.45 local time after three days of agony and suffering at the Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi, Punjab province. His wife Martha Arshed was raped by police when she sought to denounce the violence inflicted on her husband. The couple’s three children – ages 7 to 12 years – were forced “to witness the torture inflicted on their parents.”