My forum mod’s put together a post on the pagan parallels to the “life of Christ” constantly bandied about around the internet. In my book The Christ Conspiracy, published in 1999, I included several lists of parallels from the “lives” of various pagan gods and heroes. These parallels lists have been reproduced all over the place, and they tend to create apoplexy in the faithful and others ignorant of the research behind them. I updated these parallels lists in my revised article “Origins of Christianity,” which you can find linked in the attached forum post.

I’ve stated that, based on Christian apologists’ frantic behavior in “debunking” these various lists and parallels, this part of Jesus mythicism appears to be the “Achilles Heel” of Christianity, as it demonstrates that, rather than serving as “divine revelation,” the faith is a rehash of the religious and mythological notions current and popular at the time of its creation.

Despite the hysterical “refutations” generally indicating ignorance of the subject, the parallels are real and not to be dismissed. And they do indeed expose Christianity as a remake of pre-Christian religion and mythology, as much of the rest of my forum, websites, articles, books, ebooks, videos and radio programs also demonstrate.

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