haredi jewsThis post following on the heels of one about sexual enlightenment seems appropriate. In the tightknit “Ultra-Orthodox” Jewish community there has been a dirty little secret for a quite a while, which is rampant sexual abuse by men of women and girls. It’s basically the same ol’ same ol’: Sexual repression increases obsession and perversion.

A healthy sexuality is reflected in a healthy community, and vice versa. The xenophobia and sex-hatred within many religious cults often ends up with all manner of abuses, as we have seen also within the Catholic Church but likewise within other mainstream Christian sects as well.

The typical “religious” pattern: Teach that sex is “dirty” and to be avoided, except in terms of procreation, and segregate or hide away the women – who are traditionally the teachers of enlightened sexuality – in essence forcing the men and boys to have sex with each other. Then deny, deny, deny that you are “homosexual” or the “funny uncle” who is molesting his nieces and nephews.

All of this repression eventually escapes in obsession and perversion, as we see exemplified over and over again within the realm of religious fanaticism. As is the case with so much of human pathology, this obvious correlation is shoved aside, hidden and denied, simply making it worse. How long until the children and other victims of this religiously pathological sexual abuse receive justice? How much longer will we deny that mankind is a mess when it comes to his sexuality and to take steps to remedy this fact? In the meantime, people are suffering horribly because of it – whole cultures, ethnicities and genders, in fact.

A Haredi Town Confronts Abuse From The Inside

…Following more than a decade of sensational accusations of rapes and molestations committed by members — often leaders — of Orthodox Jewry, and increasing criticism of the Orthodox community’s leadership for ignoring or attempting to cover up the accusations, Passaic is slowly and quietly building a reputation as an exception…

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