barack obama capitolI have to admit that whenever I hear President Obama speak on the new American energy grid, I think, “I LOVE THIS GUY!” Never has a politician satisfied my environmentalist sensibilities so thoroughly as Obama. I cringe when I see him bowing to the Saudi king or adhering to Islamist propaganda, but all those “sins” fly out the window when he speaks about the “smart grid” and the future of the U.S. vis-a-vis energy. At those times, Obama is himself smart, charming, appealing, handsome, well spoken and thoroughly likeable. His words in this regard also fill me with the most hope I’ve felt in a long time.

So, hear, hear and three cheers for Obama on energy! Please extend your support to him on this issue, as it is a vital matter for our future and that of our children, as well as our national security, eventually freeing us from sending hundreds of billion$ annually in oil money to hostile countries.

Obama Names ‘Smart Grid’ Projects

The Obama administration on Tuesday named 100 utility projects that will share $3.4 billion in federal stimulus funding to speed deployment of advanced technology designed to cut energy use and make the electric-power grid more robust…