Obama and U.S. flagThe surprising news of American President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize has drawn much commentary, the bulk of which seems to be astonishment, since “he has not really accomplished anything yet.”

The reasons cited for Obama’s win include, most prominently, his overtures to the Muslim world. Hence, a case could be made that Obama is essentially being rewarded for appeasing Islamists.

On the Muslim extremist front, the Taliban have allegedly responded that Obama should be given the “Nobel Violence Prize,” since his administration has really turned up the heat on these Islamic fundamentalists. And it is obvious that they – the Taliban – are quite familiar with violence, as they engage in it as a lifestyle.

Not long ago, I saw an amazing show on Afghanistan that highlighted the efforts of one American man in building schools there. The villagers – especially the children! – were so grateful. They claimed that when there are decent schools, no one goes to the Taliban for anything. But when there are none, the Taliban are the only way out. A bomb destroyed a local school, and its inhabitants ended up in a Taliban madrassa – hating those who dropped the bomb, which apparently were the Americans.

The solution seems to be BUILD MORE SCHOOLS that are not Islamic fundamentalist oriented.  And then protect them from the religiously deranged psychos.

But we know what largely motivates the Afghanistan battle as concerns the Western powers: Not only the infestation of terrorists but also the PIPELINE, which must be protected. Or, we could continue to increase the use of alternative energy and cut out the terrorist-funding oilmen altogether – and that  goal is one of my favorite of Obama’s “prize-winning” efforts.

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