Obama meets Ahmadinejad image cover front“Rave reviews greet Imani’s latest parody. In this work of fiction, Amil probes the minds of Obama and Ahmadinejad with the skills of a brain surgeon, and shares their exchanges with the humor of a stand-up comedian. An amazing and astonishing engagement follows, in which the two presidential prizefighters hit each other with their best shots, in a meaty and oft-comical altercation that involves tossing out virtually every real or rumored misdeed of both men, with a number of stunning propositions and shocking developments along the way. This international sparring match runs the gamut of flashy moves and shady deals. Who will win this wild and brutal battle of wits between these two political heavyweights? The destiny of the world may depend on it.”

‘Obama meets Ahmadinejad’ is outrageous!
Review by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S

Having become intimately involved with this book, I can attest it combines the fiercest of intellects with the wickedly humorous. Obama meets Ahmadinejad presents seriously – even direly – important information about our world today, in the context of a raucous display of hilarity the likes of which has rarely been seen outside of “Animal House” or, possibly Animal Farm.

Amil’s alter ego takes the reader on a wild romp through the political hay that enthralls, inspires and leaves him or her wanting for more. He – they – treat the reader to an entertaining exposé of germane and newsworthy events that have shaped our world – such as rigged and fraudulent elections, surprising ancestry, and countless “misdeeds real or rumored” that have nevertheless made their way into popular consciousness. Controversial and hazardous subjects such as the “Birther Movement,” Iran’s nuclear program, Islam’s treatment of women and the Gulf oil disaster – none of these is off-limits in this witty wrecking ball of a ride.

What would such a meeting between Obama and Ahmadinejad produce and portend? How will each man respond to the other throwing up in his face the worst criticisms and calumny we hear about them both? What will be the joint solution of these two influential leaders to the numerous worldly – and even otherworldly – issues pressing us today? The future of the world may indeed depend on it.

Here is one example of the fascinating exchanges between these two men in this hard-to-put-down parody…


Speaking of oil, America is incurably addicted to it – although you are doing your best to give the United States an alternative energy plan, specifically to keep your money out of our terrorist hands. That is something which must not happen, of course, because Iran has the world’s third largest reserves – envious? Yes, we know you are after our oil. After all, even if you are an internationalist, you do not want your chosen homeland to fall apart, do you? We have the oil – now you are going to have to beg to get at it. Oh, especially since that national disaster in the Mexican Gulf – how will you recover from that without our help? We had a feeling that if that really happened, your country would start to go down –


Wait just a minute – “if that really happened?!” What are you talking about? Did you just confess to sabotaging the oil rig in the Gulf? Talking heads say that it could cost us the country. You’re saying you’re behind it? I should strangle you with my own hands.


Well, your American Jews at Goldman Sachs were very useful – they did promise much of their gains for shorting the Gulf of Mexico rig on the stock market the day before the disaster. But do not lump us in with those Zionist criminals just yet, as we are not admitting our guilt or complicity in anything. And, I must say that those are no longer your hands. They belong to us.


More amazing dynamics follow, as the reader is bounced between the two politicos in a masterful manner, not sure where each is going to wind up – the ending will undoubtedly surprise you!

This powerful book, “Obama meets Ahmadinejad,” is funny and light at points but its overall message is a story of corruption and redemption – but who reflects which and to what extent? And how DOES it all end? In this regard, this small tome is also a sobering cautionary tale that seeks to educate about potentials that may not be terribly pleasant, if we don’t stop them.

Amil clearly put his heart and soul into this work, as part of a lifelong mission to help better the world through his writing, by courageously critiquing dangerous and frightening ideologies and actions that oppress significant numbers of people globally and threaten true human civilization. Imani’s a patriotic American in the truest sense of the word – and as an ex-Muslim Persian escapee of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he knows only too well what that regime represents and what freedom is all about. As a refugee from oppression into the welcoming arms of the American Constitution, Amil is one of many immigrants who value their adopted homeland for its liberties and opportunities.

For the love of freedom, peace and humanity, read this book!